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Home maintenance jobs to do for winter

As it gets ever colder and the evenings get darker earlier, we’re reminded that winter has well and truly arrived. While you may prefer to spend your weekends sat in front of a cosy fire, ignoring those winter home maintenance jobs could cost you in the long term. You can potentially prevent costly damage to your property this winter with some simple home maintenance tasks. Let us give you some expert advice to help you make sure you have everything you need to get those complete all of your DIY projects.


Here’s some practical advice for getting your home ready for Christmas

Now is the right time to start that DIY project you’ve been wanting to do or even finish the some that you have already started! From refreshing the paint on the walls or doing a whole room renovation, let us give you some great advice and help you get what you need to finish your DIY projects, and make sure your home is ready for when your guests arrive. Declutter, Tidy and Clean We know, it’s not the most exciting of jobs, but it is a good place to begin... Read More

DIY Plumbing tips 19/10/2020

Tap into our Knowledge

Do you really need to call a plumber or could you replace the washer yourself to fix a dripping tap? Why not check out our top tips for some common DIY plumbing jobs, after all what have you got to lose? It could even save you some money in the long-term.

5 Changes In Construction You Can Expect To See Over The Next 50 Years 17/09/2020

The Government’s Green Homes Grant 2020

Here’s what we know so far about the Government’s Green Homes Grant Scheme which is being launched at the end of September, including how much funding you could get, what you can spend the funding on and how to find out if you are eligible.

Product Focus Salamander HomeBoost Pump 29/04/2016

Product Focus: Salamander HomeBoost Pump

In this edition of product focus we look at the Salamander Home Boost Pump. A fantastic solution for anyone experiencing poor water pressure via a combi boiler or mains pressure fed heating system. The Salamander Home Boost Pump is the perfect low cost, compact, water fitting regulations compliant, solution to help boost your pressure. Who – Salamander Pumps have been manufacturing shower pumps for over 25 years. Their products are produced almost entirely from EU sourced components with near 90% of their components sourced in the UK. After a decade... Read More

Top Tradesman’s Tips - Invest in Promotional Marketing Materials 12/04/2016

Top Tradesman’s Tips – Invest in Promotional Marketing Materials

There’s no school like the old school! When it comes to marketing your trade business, there is no doubt that the new methods of responsive web design, social media outreach and the use of online directories are great at promoting your company, but don’t give up on the tried and tested methods of promotional marketing. Many methods of traditional marketing are also evolving into the 21st Century in hugely successful ways – you might well be surprised by the options out there! Make Use of Traditional Marketing Materials Business cards,... Read More

Tradesman Tips Register Your Business With Online Directories 06/04/2016

Tradesman Tips: Register Your Business With Online Directories

There is no doubt that local directories have still got a major role to play in the trade industries, however why not take advantage of the biggest directories in the world as well? Google alone handles over 100 billion search queries a month! Getting your trade business seen on a directory with this sort of popularity is critical. You can register your business with these online directories in a few different ways: Having created your website, it is imperative that you allow Google to ‘see’ your website, so that it... Read More

Tradesman Tips Create An Online Presence With A Responsive Website 03/04/2016

Tradesman Tips: Create An Online Presence With A Responsive Website

More and more businesses are setting up an online presence with a website. With the growth of technology, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, there are now more people than ever using their devices to search the internet for tradespeople. This is why a responsive website is a must for all businesses in today’s world. Your business needs to compete online and a responsive website is the best way to do this. A website, even in its most basic form, is a great way to showcase your business and... Read More

Top Tradesmen Tips How To Generate New Business 30/03/2016

Top Tradesmen Tips: How To Generate New Business

JT Atkinson & Sons have teamed up with award-winning digital marketing agency Integrity Search to bring you the best marketing tips to help grow your business. We are starting with social media; we all know we should be using it, but for many of us that’s easier said than done! It’s common knowledge that tradespeople win the majority of their business opportunities through word-of-mouth recommendations, but just because this method is tried-and-tested, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore other ways of marketing yourself – especially in such a competitive industry.... Read More