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How to Easily Solve Water Pressure Problems at Home

Low water pressure in the home can be a pain for homeowners, from a dribbling kitchen tap when you’re trying to wash the dishes, to an outside tap trickling into a watering can and we all know there’s little worse than a low-pressure shower. Salamander offer a range of pumps to boost the water in your home, from a single tap to the entire house, Salamander have a solution. Boost one tap at a time Salamander’s TapBoost is an inline, single-outlet booster pump specifically designed to improve the water flow to a... Read More

Private garden with blooming Hydrangea Annabelle. Curvy lawn edge, beautiful pathway. Landscape design in English cottage style. 08/02/2021

Are You Ready to Have a Good ‘Thyme’ in Your Garden

We have some great tips & advice to help you complete your garden & landscaping projects A common question among DIY gardeners is, “when is the best time to start planning garden and landscaping projects?”, and the answer is the moment you decide that it needs to change.When it comes to landscaping ideas and plans you need to think about a budget, types of materials, a layout that works for you, and of course planting. So, the big question here is not when do you start, it is where? We... Read More

Top Tradesmen Tips: How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business 04/01/2021

Money Saving Advice for any DIY Job

After the indulgence of Christmas, we all look to tighten our belts and save some money. So, we are here to help – our DIY experts have put together some great money saving top tips to inspire you to make a start on your home improvements. Saving money on DIY projects doesn’t mean cutting corners. With some forward planning, research and taking some practical advice, tackling those long put-off DIY projects could be one New Year’s resolution that you could keep in 2021. Our Top 5 Tips 1. Cutting out... Read More

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Home maintenance jobs to do for winter

As it gets ever colder and the evenings get darker earlier, we’re reminded that winter has well and truly arrived. While you may prefer to spend your weekends sat in front of a cosy fire, ignoring those winter home maintenance jobs could cost you in the long term. You can potentially prevent costly damage to your property this winter with some simple home maintenance tasks. Let us give you some expert advice to help you make sure you have everything you need to get those complete all of your DIY projects.


Here’s some practical advice for getting your home ready for Christmas

Now is the right time to start that DIY project you’ve been wanting to do or even finish the some that you have already started! From refreshing the paint on the walls or doing a whole room renovation, let us give you some great advice and help you get what you need to finish your DIY projects, and make sure your home is ready for when your guests arrive. Declutter, Tidy and Clean We know, it’s not the most exciting of jobs, but it is a good place to begin... Read More