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Top Ten Plumbing Tools to have in Your Toolbox:

Plumbing tasks often come with a long list of complex tools and questions. In light of World Plumbing Day, we have boiled it down to our top ten most helpful plumbing tools to keep in your DIY toolbox. Shop our plumbing range online. If in doubt, please contact a professional.

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Home maintenance jobs to do for winter

As it gets ever colder and the evenings get darker earlier, we’re reminded that winter has well and truly arrived. While you may prefer to spend your weekends sat in front of a cosy fire, ignoring those winter home maintenance jobs could cost you in the long term. You can potentially prevent costly damage to your property this winter with some simple home maintenance tasks. Let us give you some expert advice to help you make sure you have everything you need to get those complete all of your DIY projects.