Home maintenance jobs to do for winter

What’s on your list of winter DIY jobs to do?

As it gets ever colder and the evenings get darker earlier, we’re reminded that winter has well and truly arrived. While you may prefer to spend your weekends sat in front of a cosy fire, ignoring those winter home maintenance jobs could cost you in the long term.

You can potentially prevent costly damage to your property this winter with some simple home maintenance tasks. Let us give you some expert advice to help you make sure you have everything you need to get those complete all of your DIY projects.

Boiler maintenance

It is vital to make sure that your boiler is working properly. The last thing you need is for your boiler to break down when you need it most. You should have your boiler serviced at least once a year to give you that peace of mind that it is safe and working efficiently. Make sure you check that all radiators and thermostats are working correctly too.
It’s also a good idea to insulate your hot water tank to help conserve heat and save you money. If your boiler has an external condensate pipe, then make sure it is well insulated too. A frozen condensate pipe is a common cause for boiler failure in winter.

Advice for your pipes

Burst pipes are always best avoided! UK households notoriously suffer during winter months, but a simple fix to prevent burst pipes is to ensure all pipes are properly insulated using pipe insulation.
You should also turn outside taps off during the winter using the isolation valve inside the house. Another top winter maintenance tip is to remind yourself where the mains stopcock is in case the worst happens and your pipes burst. But more importantly, you should test that you can shut it off easily and it’s not jammed.

Clear your gutters

Checking your gutters and downpipes for debris and leaves after the Autumn fall can prevent blockages during the winter and prevent any issues of internal damp from external walls being soaked by blocked gutters.
You can also check to see if the guttering is cracked or damaged and whether they need to be replaced. To help prevent any blockages, you could install a gutter brush to stop debris collecting in your gutters.
These are quick and easy to install so there’s no need to call the local handyman and there’s next to no maintenance required.

Maintain your tools

There’s nothing more frustrating than picking up a tool only to find that it’s not ready to go or needs replacing. A great tip for tool maintenance is to use to give your tools a quick clean and check for any damage after each use.
Small amounts of tool maintenance to keep your tools in tip top condition saves you a large amount of time and money in the long-term. Winter is the perfect time to check over your tools, have a tidy up and add a little grease to keep things in working order.
Also, don’t forget to remove batteries from power tools as the cold weather drains these and store them carefully if you don’t plan to use them much over the winter months.

If you’ve never got the right tools for the job, now is the perfect time to treat yourself or add them to your Christmas wish list. Make sure you check out the great deals we have on hand tools and power tools running throughout December!

Stay warm while you work

Winter workwear recommendations

The British winter weather does not make the idea of going outside particularly inviting, but sometimes needs must. So, if you are venturing outdoors, why not take advantage of our great deals on trade quality winter workwear? With great brands including Dickies, Buckler, Blaklader and Scruffs you’ll be able to stay toasty and warm when working outdoors this Winter.

These Dickies waterproof padded overalls will keep you warm and dry in all weathers, so you’ve got no excuse to get out and finish that job you’ve been putting off!

Dickies Waterproof Padded Overalls

The Scruffs Expedition Thermo softshell jacket is body mapped with adjustable cuffs and 4-way stretch side panels and sleeves for a secure fit and ease of movement. The Thinsulate padding and breathable design helps to regulate your body temperature while you work.

Jumpers & fleeces
This lightweight and comfortable Blaklader Hoodie with Full Zipper will keep you warm during the winter months and has some handy places for your personal items with 2 side pockets and an inside phone pocket.

The Blaklader Craftsman trousers provide ease of movement with the 4-way stretch fabric that is heavy duty yet comfortable and versatile with handy reinforced pockets for your phone, ruler, nails, a pencil and anything else you can fit in them!

If you are looking for both safety and comfort, these Dickies Super Safety Lined Rigger Boots will do just the trick! They are durable, resistant to water, oil and slips and have a steel toe-cap and mid-sole with faux fur inner lining.

The Buckler Buckbootz Safety Wellingtons are antistatic, waterproof and have a steel toe-cap and mid-sole. These safety wellingtons also have a heat (300ºC), oil and slip resistant rubber outsole and are cold insulation certified.

Christmas Gift Ideas
If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas, then look no further than the Scruffs Winter Essentials Pack which includes a fleece hat, neck warmer and gloves to help keep your friends and family warm while they work outside.

Hi-visibility workwear
If you’re working in the dark, especially in bad weather, it is important to keep yourself visible and safe,
so make sure you include hi-visibility workwear in your wardrobe this year.

When working at the front of your property or near the road, we recommend this Dickies hi-visibility bomber jacket. The polyester quilting inside the jacket provides warmth, and the multiple pockets give practical solutions for somewhere to keep your personal items while you work. Even in low light conditions, the reflective strips will ensure you can be seen to help you stay safe.

The Standsafe hi-visibility hoodie is both warm and reflective but not as heavy as a coat so it is a great alternative for making sure you can stay seen if you find you tend to take your jacket off when you are working.

Or alternatively, you can just put on the OX yellow hi-visibility vest over the top of your own clothes.

Winter Essentials

Site lights & torches
When there is still work to be done in the Winter months and you can’t let the reduced daylight time stop you, then it is important to make sure you can still work safely. Site lights and torches provide a great solution so that you can carry on working on your project even after the sun has set.

The Defender LED 30W slim light is portable, compact and its bright light allows you to continue working on your projects in the dark. This 1.5m steel telescopic tripod is compatible with all lights in the Defender slim light range and gives you a great solution when you need to get the light in a specific position.

Fan convectors & electric heaters
Sometimes you might need to turn the heating off for a little while in order to complete a project, or if your boiler breaks down leaving you with no heating for your home, you can still stay warm using fan convector or electric heaters until you can get the heating back on.

The Arctic Hayes convector heater can make sure that your working area stays at the temperature you want using the thermostatic on and off control. You can also use the anti-frost setting ensures that your work area doesn’t get too cold when you are not in it, and there is an overheat cut-out function for your safety.

At Trade Supplies Online, we’ve got all your winter DIY needs covered for any home maintenance job this winter.

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