How to Easily Solve Water Pressure Problems at Home

Low water pressure in the home can be a pain for homeowners, from a dribbling kitchen tap when you’re trying to wash the dishes, to an outside tap trickling into a watering can and we all know there’s little worse than a low-pressure shower. Salamander offer a range of pumps to boost the water in your home, from a single tap to the entire house, Salamander have a solution.

Boost one tap at a time

Salamander’s TapBoost is an inline, single-outlet booster pump specifically designed to improve the water flow to a single outlet suffering from a poor natural flow. The pump increases water flow rate to between 7 and 12 litres per minute (depending on the incoming flow rate) whilst remaining incredibly quiet. TapBoost also comes with a 2-year warranty and offers a cost-effective solution.

Salamander TapBoost

Take a look at the TapBoost graph, providing additional flow details of how the flow rate will improve.

The water pressure pump can be fitted at a range of locations: kitchen tap, bath tap, outdoor tap, toilet cistern, dishwasher, or washing machine. TapBoost is easy to install with an inline design and robust brass fittings. 

The pump is also suitable for boosting a hot or cold outlet in a gravity-fed or combination boiler system, or a cold outlet in an unvented cylinder. 

Boost the home

The Salamander HomeBoost not only increases water flow to all taps but also improves shower performance and speeds up bath fill. The HomeBoost is part of the MainsBooster range from Salamander Pumps which is designed to offer a solution to boost mains water in domestic and light commercial installations.

Salamander HomeBoost

The HomeBoost pump is an intelligent inline mains booster pump with a 3-year warranty. The pump boosts incoming water mains performance by registering when pressure and flow are low. The HomeBoost works extremely quietly (only 46dBA) either directly or indirectly via the combination boiler, boosting the incoming mains water supply to the whole house to 12 litres per minute. 

For more information on how to install please read the installation guides: TapBoostHomeBoost. If in doubt, please contact a professional.

Shop the TapBoostHomeBoost and Salamander range online. 


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