Top Ten Plumbing Tools to have in Your Toolbox:

Plumbing tasks often come with a long list of complex tools and questions. In light of World Plumbing Day, we have boiled it down to our top ten most helpful plumbing tools to keep in your DIY toolbox.

  1. Adjustable Wrench The adjustable wrench could be one of the most used tools in a plumber’s toolbox. More often than not, plumbers will come across pipes that are different shapes and sizes. Having an adjustable wrench tidies up the toolbox with a one size fits all design. Jaw size can be altered to suit each task, allowing you to loosen or turn any nut or bolt with adequate leverage and grip. Typically used for tightening and removing basin back nuts, and basket strainers. Adjustable Wrenches.
  2. Basin Wrench A basin wrench is easier to turn in smaller spaces. Primarily used for disconnecting water supply connections to hot and cold taps. Shop our range of Basin Wrenches.
  3. Spanner A plumbing essential, spanners are specifically designed for gripping and turning pipes and fittings in tight spaces. The spanner features a narrow jaw with teeth on one side and a rotating handle to apply torque. Typically used for hand tightening bolts and nuts. Shop our range of Spanners.
  4. Pliers The ultimate tool for leverage and grip on smaller objects. Pliers are a tool with a multitude of uses – stabilize, loosen, or tighten pipes or bend and shape wires and small rods. Shop our range of Pliers.
  5. Hacksaw More robust than they look! Hacksaws have many uses including the ability to cut through metal, plastic pipes, bolts, nuts, screws, and hardware. Shop our range of Hacksaws.
  6. Metal File The Metal file is typically used in combination with the Hacksaw to smooth any rough-cut edges. Shop our range of Metal Files.
  7. Pipe Cutters An alternative to the traditional Hacksaw, Pipe Cutters are not only easier to use, they also offer a cleaner and faster cut. Different materials require different Pipe Cutters. They are often used with repair work or to cut metal piping to length at installation. Pipe Cutters are especially handy when cutting out damaged sections of pipe. Shop our range of Pipe Cutters.
  8. Pipe Benders Designed to simply bend copper or steel pipes and avoid pipe distortion, the Pipe Benders reduce the need for additional connectors. Typically used to bend pipe around obstacles instead of using a fitting. Shop our range of Pipe Benders
  9. Plumbers Torch A Plumbers Torch, also known as a Soldering Torch is designed to fuse and seal new pipe installations. Applies intense heat in specific areas. Shop our range of Plumbers Torches.
  10. Torpedo Spirit Level Not only are they handy for putting up picture frames, but the tried, tested and trusty spirit level is a must for keeping installs level and straight. The Torpedo level features a more compact design to provide access into smaller, trickier to reach spaces. Shop our range of Torpedo Levels.

Shop our plumbing range online. If in doubt, please contact a professional.


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