Top tips to get the most out of your Buckbootz

Taking care of your feet on site goes without saying but we often forget to take care of our work boots. We have put together a few tips on how to keep your work boots, specifically Buckbootz in tip top shape for longer! 

Buckler provides premium work boots designed with quality, strength, and durability in mind. The focus and aim are designing and producing the highest quality outdoor safety boots available. The safety boots come with a “Body and Sole Together Forever” warranty.

Designed in Dundee and manufactured in China Buckler offer a wide range of safety boots including waterproof Rigger Leather BootsHi-Viz Dealer Boots, not forgetting the Buckler BBZ Wellington Boots, rated no.1 product of its type in Europe, a trade favourite. Buckler is constantly evolving their designs with new ideas and product developments to stay ahead of the premium safety boot sector. 

Number one rule for taking care of your work boots: 

Clean your boots regularly: chemicals and substrates on site can break down and weaken the structure of the safety boots. A leaky welly or hardened leather seems inevitable but keeping boots clean will keep those cracks at bay and ensure they remain waterproof for longer! 

Keep an eye out for wear and tear:

Clean and inspect the sole to ensure no sharp objects or abrasives are caught. A build-up of mud can lead to a slippery sole!

Don’t rush the drying process:

It is best to let your safety boots dry naturally but in a ventilated space away from direct sunlight. Stuff the inner part of the shoes with paper to absorb moisture from the interior and maintain the shape of the footwear. 

Do you need to size up or size down?

Buckbootz fit true to size. Your regular size work boot should fit comfortably but if you fancy wearing an extra pair of socks or two, size up.

They’re our top tips for making the most out of your Bucklerbootz. If your boots have had their last day on site or you haven’t tried the Buckler range yet, browse or shop here

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