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October is National Homes Security Month (NHSM) and emphasises the importance of security and safety within the home environment, day and night to avoid any issues surrounding home break-ins and robberies. According to a survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics in 2017, 2 households in every 100 will be a victim of burglary every year, which is down from 9 in every 100 households when the survey was conducted in 1995.

While incidents of burglary are decreasing, these statistics are still a good motivator to think about different ways you can protect your possessions and property. Trade Supplies Online are proud to be official sponsors of the 2020 campaign. Our collection of door locks, home safes and cameras are a great way to prevent crime and deter thieves from entering your home and we would like to help by giving you some useful information about the different ways you can enhance the security of your home.

Door Locks

Secure door lock and key

NHSM reports that 76% of burglaries taking place using access gained via the front or back door of a home, it is ever-increasingly important to have the appropriate door locks fitted to avoid such a situation. Keeping doors and windows secure is one of the most effective ways of keeping your home, your family and your valuable items safe.

Installing theft-resistant locks, such as the Yale 3 Star Anti-Snap Cylinder Lock has been designed with extra defences added to the door lock mechanism, including anti-drill protection, anti-bump protection and anti-screw protection which provide an extra level of security for your front and back doors. Some home insurance companies even require that door locks meet specified security standards.

Safes and Security

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Using safes is a traditional way of protecting your belongings which is still as effective today as it always has been, according to NHSM. So whether you are looking for somewhere to safely store your keys, your jewellery, your laptop or any other valuable belongings, there is a safe to suit you.

Key safes are designed specifically to store keys both inside and outside of the house. Typically, key safes will use a combination lock and multiple dial mechanism where a series of letters, numbers or symbols need to be aligned in the correct sequence. The dials interact with several discs or cams stored internally within the lock and have notches cut into them which when turned and organised into the correct sequence will unlock the safe.

Digital safes are another effective way to protect your valuable belongings, usually installed by securing the safe to a wall or floor using the pre-drilled holed holes and fixing bolts and using an electronic lock to provide an automated and intelligent approach to protecting your valuables. To open your safe, you simply correctly input your specified and predetermined code into the keypad and the safe will open.

Underfloor safes are usually installed by embedding them into the floor using steel bolts which can be fixed to floor joists to give a more secure fitting for the safe. With their compact design, underfloor safes can be easily hidden providing a discrete way of keeping your valuable belongings safe. Typically, underfloor safes will be provided with a key lock, although they can also come with a digital locking mechanism


Security internal alarm system with digital access

Installing Security Cameras in and around your home is the most effective method for acting as a theft-deterrent to make thieves think twice, therefore providing extra security and protection for your home. Advanced camera systems monitor and record instances where motion is identified around your home to provide you with 24-hour reassurance that your home is more secure.

Most cameras have HD recording and playback, allowing 60 days playback and can assist the police or neighbours in their investigation of a theft which has recently taken place. You can even get notifications sent to your smartphone when motion is identified to give you that extra peace of mind when you are not at home.

As winter draws nearer, burglars will see this as an opportunity to take advantage of the reduce daylight. So now is the perfect opportunity to install some extra security measures and make your home more secure to give you peace of mind that your home, your family and your valuable items are safe, whether you are at home or away. View our full range of security products and let us help you protect your home.

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