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Create an outdoor space that works for your home or your client every season. Our gardening collection offers all the tools needed to transform any outdoor space, big or small. Our high-quality gardening tools will support a seamless project, whether completing extensive garden landscaping or updating a small balcony. With everything from hand and power tools to garden paints and gravel, Trade Supplies Online offers the highest quality gardening tools for a professional finish, whether you’re a tradesperson or a home improver. 

Gardening tools for any project

From shovels to rakes to gardening gift sets, we offer the most important tools that every gardener should have. From trusty hand trowels and spades for tending to your garden to pressure washes and hedge trimmers for keeping a garden spic and span, browse our gardening collection to get your project moving.

Why choose Trade Supplies Online?

Our dedicated experts have the knowledge and experience to source the highest-quality, industry-standard tools, so you get a professional finish to any project. Whether completing a client project or creating a garden to wine and dine in, you can expect our gardening tools to be from trusted brands and always at a competitive price.

What tools do you need as a gardener?

If you’re new to gardening (or even if you’re not), you’ll certainly be wondering what tools you need for your garden. Knowing where to start and what you need to keep your garden in tip-top shape can be difficult, so follow our list of essential tools to find out what gardening tool is best for your task.

Hand Trowels

Hand trowels are useful for plenty of gardening jobs, including weeding, planting, and potting. Find durable and rust-resistant trowels in our selection for long-lasting use.

Hand forks

Hand forks are needed to plant seeds and flowers in your garden or remove weeds or unwanted plants. They break up compacted or dry soil, cutting through easily thanks to their hardened materials. 

Garden Hoses

Garden hoses are the quickest way to water plants and are easy to use. They are also handy for cleaning up jobs. 


Spades are essential for digging and planting. Turn your soil over regularly to keep it aerated and help roots to spread out. Spade blades cut through the ground quickly for easy use.


Forks are ideal for preparing the soil for vegetable plots or garden borders. Cutting through the soil quickly, they are easy to use, even on stony soil.


Hoes are useful for clearing weeds and cutting them off smoothly. Lightweight, they are easy to use and durable for long-lasting use.


Rakes break down soil to make it suitable for sowing seeds. With a wide head and sharp teeth, they easily cut through the top level of the soil. 

What are modern gardening tools?

Modern gardening tools make gardening quicker and easier, whether completing a client project or updating your own garden.

Leaf blowers

Leaf blowers will help you clear your garden of leaves and debris quickly and easily. They are ideal for larger gardens and easily keep them neat and tidy.

Pressure washers

Compact washers make cleaning walls, patios or decking quicker and easier. You can even use their low-pressure settings to wash cars and bikes. Plus, they come with various attachments, so you can adapt the washer to suit your needs. 

Hedge trimmers 

Prevent garden hedges or trees from becoming overgrown with a cordless or corded hedge trimmer. Hedge trimmers cut down maintenance time as they eliminate the need for clipping branches manually.